Watch Bonanza Season 13 Episode 11 Online

IMDB Rating: 7.4/10 from 6,657 votes

Release: 1959 / Bonanza / Season 13 / Episode 11



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Synopsis: Watch Bonanza Season 13 Episode 11 online free. In Bonanza Season 13 Episode 11 Putlocker Full Episodes, A wagon is transporting some criminals to prison. They stop at Virginia City to get another prisoner. The prisoners then take Jaime and a woman hostage and demand that they be released. When the woman collapses, they release them. They then keep Jaime and take three other children. When the leader learns of Jaime's connection to Ben, he tells him that he'll be in contact. Ben decides to go after them and asks for the children's fathers to join him. The husband of the woman also insists on joining them, it's obvious he has vengeance on his mind when he is told his wife won't make it. While Ben has Hoss and Joe track them down, he and the others go to the Ponderosa to wait. And sure enough the leader shows up at the Ponderosa and demands money. Ben agrees but when the husband tries to kill them, he says he will keep one of the children to make sure he gets away.